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You deserve to love what you do.

As a nurse, you know this fact better than anyone: Our healthcare system is in desperate need of disruption.

Our patients are sicker than ever, and nurses are burning out at breakneck speeds.

At The Nurse Coach Collective, we believe Nurse Coaching is an integral part of this redesign. So, we want to provide you with all the tools and resources neccessary to streamline your process towards a Board Certification in Nurse Coaching.

You’ll help your patients achieve their wellness goals faster, while you reignite your passion for nursing and discover the freedom, time, and energy to do what you love.

The Transformative Nurse Coach Certificate Program is your key to unlocking a more fulfilling and inspiring nursing career.

Co-Founders of The Nurse Coach Collective

Hi, we’re Heather and Peter.  In 2014, we fully immersed ourselves into learning everything we could about Nurse Coaching, and we want to share all of that with you. In the past two years, we have:

  • Built a successful Nurse Coaching business from the ground up.
  • Went from earning zero income to more than $25,000 in one week alone.
  • Traveled around the country, studying under some of the world’s top coaches.
  • Reviewed more than 15,000 pages of literature and research around coaching and integrative approaches.
  • Created one of the most affordable, accessible, value-packed trainings for becoming a Nurse Coach.

We built The Nurse Coach Collective exclusively to support nurses who want more freedom and purpose in their career as they learn to coach their clients towards the highest levels of health and wellbeing.

Your path to more freedom, purpose and wellbeing.

At present, modern medicine is incomplete. The truth is, most of our patients suffer from preventable disease. So, why are we only treating symptoms of poor lifestyle choices without addressing the root cause? This has left our patients stuck in a cycle of illness, while we nurses are forced into mediocrity by a system that wants you to provide the quick fix, hand out another pill, and check boxes – leaving you unfulfilled and out of integrity with your work.

So, where do you start?


First, explore the Transformative Nurse Coaching process, so you can learn the tools to empower your patients to take responsibility for their health and wellbeing.

Then, reconnect with your purpose as a nurse, by helping people to take an honest look at the fundamental behaviors that keep them stuck in a cycle of illness.


By using integrative approaches, you’ll support those you work with to intentionally redesign every area of their life, and holistically guide them to create lasting lifestyle change.

When you prioritize  your own health and wellbeing, you’ll be able to do this powerful work while experiencing more freedom, happiness, and fulfillment in your own life.

A Different Approach At

The Nurse Coach Collective

We work exclusively with nurses.
Since you are what makes healthcare go round, our mission has always been to elevate our profession, by helping nurses to create their ideal life and professional practice.

Tons of free resources.  Because we want to offer massive value and live what we preach, we can only run a few trainings a year. Here you’ll have access to tons of material to help you on your journey.
We actually do this stuff.   We’ve built a thriving Nurse Coaching practive from the ground up, and we’ve supported other Nurse Coaches to turn their visions into a reality. So, we understand the WHAT, the WHY, and the HOW.

The field of health and wellness coaching is growing exponentially…

Yet, it remains entirely unregulated. This means that literally anyone can decide, in this moment, to call themselves a “health coach.”

Despite their best intentions, untrained “coaches” practicing in a way that is not informed by evidence can be downright dangerous.

After all, they are dealing with people’s most valuable asset – their health and wellness!

Heather Lapides of The Nurse Coach Collective
Peter Giza of The Nurse Coach Collective

And you can lead the way.

No one in the world is better suited to work as a health and wellness coach than you.

In fact, nursing became the first profession ever to create a Board Certification in coaching methodologies, and we’ve streamlined your process to get there.

As a nurse, you have the ability to bridge the gap between medicine and healing, and Transformative Nurse Coaching is the process you and your patients have been waiting for.

Refuse to be ordinary… be extraordinary.

Improve Leadership

Advanced communication skills and emotional intelligence are paramount to becoming a change agent in your workplace, business and community… and you’ll learn them right here.

Integrative Approaches

Less pill pushing, more wellness promotion. Mindfulness, plant-based nutrition, deep coaching, alternative healing modalities, and the list goes on and on.

Start A Business

Did you know that the wellness and coaching industries bring in nearly $22 billion dollars annually? We’ll help you get in on this booming market by building your confidence to create your own practice as a Nurse Coach.

Be Extraordinary

Break through the conventional walls of nursing, and practice in a way that is in alignment with your values. All while creating more freedom, time, and energy to do what you love.

No Matter How You Use It,

Transformative Nurse Coaching Helps You Thrive

At The Nurse Coach Collective, we’ve taken all of our research and coaching experience and put it into a curriculum that we apply to our own life and professional practice.

This process is so powerful because it builds health, happiness, and success in a way that is co-created, whereby both you and your patients grow and learn.

So, we invite you to explore how we can help you increase the health of your clients while also prioritizing your own personal wellbeing.
You deserve to love what you do!

Now, How Can We Support You?

No matter what position you are presently in, or how many years you’ve been a nurse, if anything on this site resonates with you, we’d love to connect directly.

You can e-mail us here: or you can schedule a time to speak with us right now, by clicking the button below.

co-founders of The Nurse Coach Collective

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