Become A

Transformative Nurse Coach

For Nurses who Refuse to be Ordinary

Do You Want More Out Of Nursing?

Whether you are saving lives, welcoming new life into the world, or sitting with someone as they take their final breath – your work as a nurse is incredibly valuable. You have witnessed remarkable recoveries, unthinkable losses, and have cared for humanity in ways only we nurses can understand.

Yet so many nurses are unhappy in their jobs. From the exhausting long shifts to the frustrating high patient loads, it may often feel as though you spend more time charting, passing meds, and checking off boxes than actually connecting with the human beings you are taking care of.

Most nurses, even those who love their jobs, can be left feeling disheartened by the reactive, disease-focused medical model that we’re stuck in. And with a job as physically, mentally, and emotionally demanding as nursing, it’s no wonder we are disenchanted, burnt-out, and unfulfilled by our work.

Transformative Nurse Coaching changes all of that.

You’re in the right place if:

You’re tired of symptom management and quick fixes, and you long for a new approach that promotes wellness and focuses on lifestyle changes.
You want to reconnect with your purpose as a nurse, and create your ideal practice and life.
You want more freedom, time, and energy in your life while doing work that you love.

Introducing The

Transformative Nurse Coach
Certificate Program

Our flagship course is an immersive study into everything that traditional nursing forgot to teach you.

We bring to you a world-class learning experience that is evidence informed and designed to streamline your path towards a successful Board Certification in Nurse Coaching.

In taking this course, you’ll get exactly what you need to be on the leading edge of the booming Health and Wellness Nurse Coaching revolution.

We know you’re busy. As experienced ICU, CVICU, and Emergency nurses, we get it. That’s why we’ve designed this program be simple, effective, and learner-centered.

Beautiful Transformative Nurse Coach

A Program Built To Help You Thrive

Go beyond simply having a good career – practice nursing in a way that is in alignment with how you most want to live your life, and how you choose to help others heal.
Your instructors will support you to enhance all dimensions of your wellbeing: mind, body, spirit, work, and human connection. Walking your talk is neccessary in becoming a Transformative Nurse Coach.
You’ll learn cutting-edge Nurse Coaching methodologies that will allow you to help your clients achieve their highest levels of performance, health, wellness – all while leaving you more fulfilled and inspired in your work.
State of the Art Remote Learning
Experienced (and Awesome) Faculty
An Extraordinary
In-Person Experience
Streamlined Nurse Coach Board Certification

How It Works

The Transformative Nurse Coach Certificate Program is divided into three components,
all delivered sequentially and seamlessly.

1. A World-Class Online Learning Experience

With remote learning, you can complete a majority of the course work at your own pace, with milestones to keep you on track. Guidelines are clear, specific, and easy to use. Not a technology wiz? No problem! We’ve made everything super simple, and will offer plenty of training before the course.

You’ll have access to the online community forums so you can consistently interact with other learners. You’ll meet your peers and faculty through live video-conferencing so you can ask questions, practice coaching, and support each other. You’re never alone on this journey!

This type of learning eliminates geographical boundaries and saves tons of money on travel expenses. Best of all, it’s delivered in a way that is intuitively easy to use, fun, and value-packed.

Transformative Nurse Coach on a computer
2. Supervised Coaching Practicum

In order to experience the transformative nature of Nurse Coaching firsthand, you’ll have your own personal peer coach. In practicing Transformative Nurse Coaching within the safety of your peer group, you’ll be able to experiment and fearlessly try new things.

Through your work with private clients, you’ll implement all of the cutting-edge tools and techniques you learn in order to help them achieve higher degrees of health and wellbeing.

Finally, your experienced (and awesome) faculty will guide, coach, and mentor you through every step of the process, offering you relentless support, invaluable feedback, and constructive supervision.

A Transformative Nurse Coach doing his job!
3. A Powerful In-Person Intensive

This experience has been expertly designed to take you to your deepest levels of personal understanding, while elevating you to your highest levels of professional competency and wellbeing.

You will strengthen your close-knit community as you reach empowering new insights that can change your life.

This is an experience designed to be highly interactive, allowing you to walk away from this program with an embodied sense of confidence, skill, and profound connection to your Transformative Nurse Coach community.

A Transformative Nurse Coach leaping in the air!

A Streamlined Process To Become A
Nurse Coach – Board Certified

This continuing nursing education activity was approved by the American Holistic Nurses Association, an accredited approver by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation. 

 Approved to award 120 CNE through 10/2/2019 AHNA approval #1302.

AHNCC accepts these CE hours towards the CE requirement for either the Nurse Coach or Holistic Nurse Examination application requirement.

The Nurse Coach Collective is a licensed CA Continuing Education Provider: CEP16964

The truth is, obtaining the appropriate CNEs and supervised coaching hours required to sit for the Nurse Coaching Board Certification exam can be a daunting process. With so many piecemeal continuing eduction activities out there, you can get stuck in paralysis by analysis, unsure if a program is applicable towards the board certification… or not.

Now, as if that wasn’t bad enough, finding a board certified Nurse Coach who is willing to supervise your 60 hours of practice coaching can be difficult, awkward, and expensive. Not to mention how overwhelming it can be to learn how to find and enroll clients, sell your services from a heart-centered place, and learn how you are even supposed to powerfully coach someone.

Figuring out all of this on your own can leave you stuck in a dizzying array options and uncertainty.

Luckily, there’s an answer:

The Transformative Nurse Coach Certificate Program. It provides you with everything that you need in order to fulfill the educational and coaching practice hours required to be eligible to sit for the Nurse Coach Board Certification exam.

60 Hours of Continuing Education Related to Nurse Coaching


60 Hours of Supervised Coaching Practicum


Eligible to sit for the Nurse Coaching Board Certification Exam


What You’ll Recieve From This Course

120 Continuing Nursing Education Units

Live video-conferencing to give you direct access to your expert faculty. 

A powerful in-person training in a beautiful location

60 hours of supervised coaching practice, your own peer coach, and group coaching experience. 

TNCCP Certificate of Completion

Over 40 Hours of interactive remote learning, all delivered in a simple, dynamic fashion. 

Innumerable opportunities to creatively design your ideal Nurse Coaching practice

You will have met all educational and coaching practicum requirements to be eligible for the Nurse Coach – Board Certification Exam 

So, When and Where?

First, you’ll learn and practice through a seamless online experience of enduring material as well as live, interactive video-conferencing. This allows you to learn at your own pace, save tons of money on travel expenses, and get to know your fellow learners.

Then, your program will culminate in an incredible weekend intensive, allowing you to embody all of your learning in an absolutely stunning location. The only difference between the programs are their start dates and the location of the in-person experience.

Collective 1 – SOLD OUT

Begins Jan 20, 2018
6 Month Online Training
3 Day In-Person Intensive: July 26-29, 2018 (Portland, OR)

Learn more about the Portland, OR 3-Day In-Person Intensive in the video below:

Collective 2 – SOLD OUT

Begins Feb 20, 2018
6 Month Online Training
3 Day In-Person Intensive: Aug 20-23, 2018 (Bay Area, CA)

Learn more about the Bay Area, CA 3-Day In-Person Intensive in the video below:


The above two Collectives are sold out. But, we are now accepting applications for our Fall 2018 program. If you’d like to get on the waitlist and ensure your spot…


Is the Transformative Nurse Coach Certificate Program for me?

If you are a new nurse, an experienced nurse, a bedside nurse, a home health nurse, an advanced practice nurse, a nurse practitioner, a nurse manager, a nurse leader, a nurse educator, a chief nursing officer, or an entreprenurse… and you want MORE:

This course is for you.

Get it? No matter what field you’re in or what kind of nursing you are currently doing – this course offers you invaluable tools, knowledge, resources, and community.

This is where we come together to break out of the box, and become the most extraorinary nurses we can be.

Meet the Co-Founders and Faculty:

Heather Lapides and Peter Giza

transformative nurse coach certificate program instructors
We are beyond excited to introduce you to Transformative Nurse Coaching. It has changed our lives in ways that we never could have imagined.

As Transformative Nurse Coaches, we get to work with clients we love and help them achieve lasting and transformative results in their health and wellbeing.

Because this type of work is much more in alignment with our personal and professional values, we’ve grown much more happy and fulfilled.

Our mission is to offer you the cutting-edge techniques and knowledge of Nurse Coaching so that you can bring the fullness of your healing gifts and talents into the world. The reason for our mission is simple:

You deserve to love what you do.

Heather Lapides

high performance coaching with heather lapides
Peter Giza

high performance coaching with peter giza
At The Nurse Coach Collective, we believe masterful coaching comes
only from experience.

In the Transformative Nurse Coach Certificate Program, you’ll experience immersive learning, which means you’ll dive in and practice, practice, practice!

The truth is, we knew we wanted to teach this stuff from the moment we started learning about Nurse Coaching. However, in order to be in integrity, we needed to learn, grow, and hone our craft. We wanted to create a successful private Nurse Coaching practice, so that we could make sure we still loved it. Good news – we do!

Over the last two years, we’ve read every coaching book we could get our hands on, attended seminars with some of the world’s top coaches, and built a thriving Nurse Coaching practice. In fact, we went from zero clients and zero income (a good place to start, right?) to earning $25,000 in one week alone.

And the best part is this:

We created our entire practice in a way that prioritized our own health and wellbeing. That’s something that not many nurses do, but we believe that every nurse can.

To design this course, we combined more than 1,000 hours of Nurse Coaching practice with an expansive literature review of more than 15,000 pages of cutting-edge, peer-reviewed research. We studied under the top coaches and thought leaders in the industry, and invested an incredible amount of time, money, and resources into our personal and professional growth.

We understand that the best way to become a Transformative Nurse Coach is through full immersion. So, this is precisely how you will learn during this course:

Through experience, practice, and taking action. You’ll prioritize your own wellbeing, and coach from that empowered place.

Why Choose Us?

Here’s the truth:

When we graduated from our Nurse Coach training program, we were still totally confused about how to practice as a Nurse Coach, how to create clients, and how to implement our new skills into our lives. We didn’t have the confidence or clarity to go out into the world and start calling ourselves Nurse Coaches. In fact, we were still trying to figure out what that even meant!

Just as you may remember the struggles of a being a novice nurse, we were getting to know the struggles of being novice Nurse Coaches. It wasn’t very much fun.

As we spent the next year building our business and working with clients, we realized that there is so much more that could go into a Nurse Coaching program than just the core competencies (don’t worry AHNCC, we definitely meet the competencies).

That’s why this program is designed to make sure you receive the maximum amount of practice, support, and real-world knowledge.

You’ll do more than just learn how to do amazing work with your clients. You will also integrate all that you learn into your own life, so you can be a walking brochure for what health and wellness looks like.

The number one priority all throughout this curriculum is YOU. So please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions about whether or not this program is right for you.

As You Go Through This Course, You Will:



Learn the theory behind Transformative Nurse Coaching – why it works, where it came from, and when it is most effective. As registered nurses, our work must be evidence-informed, and we have gone to great lengths to ensure that.



Discover the four pillars of Transformative Nurse Coaching: Service, Resilience, Holism and Transformation. You’ll learn why each of these is fundamental to a successful Nurse Coaching practice and how to implement them into your own life.



Explore the Transformative Nurse Coaching process, and practice it with your own clients as well as your peers.



Uncover new persepctives and levels of awareness that will shift your worldview, setting the stage for you to make powerful transformations in your own life while supporting clients to do the same.



Learn to prioritize yourself in an entirely new way. Nurses have always been experts at taking care of others, placing your own health and wellbeing on the backburner. This course will shift all of that, allowing you to get really clear on what you want in your personal and professional life, and creating a plan to get you there.


Lifestyle Design

Be introduced to the concept of Lifestyle Design, which empowers you to take personal responsibility for creating lasting lifestyle changes. By doing this in your own life, you will be a model for your clients, as you guide them from a place of personal experience.



Become an experienced practitioner of mindfulness and learn to become more present in your own life and with your clients. Practice guiding clients through mindfulness practices and grounding techniques.


Deep Listening

Discover the power of deep listening, while developing your curiosity and intuition. Learn to create and hold space with anyone, leveraging your authenticity.


Powerful Questions

Learn the art of asking powerful questions, which have the ability to change someone’s life in an instant. Practice guiding clients to reach new insights which inspire, empower, and motivate them.


Professional Possibilities

Explore the innumberable possibilities as a professional Nurse Coach, become fully prepared to seamlessly pass the Board Exam and hone your ability to share your new gifts with the world. This course is set up to leave you feeling confident, empowered, and with a plan to move forward in your professional Nurse Coach practice.



Become a part of a Collective of extraordinary Nurse Coaches. This course is designed to facilitate community by working and learning together every step of the way. You will receive relentless support from your instructors, your peer coaches, and your Nurse Coach Collective.



You’ll receive a series of welcome gifts, including resources to help you succeed in the course, as well as fun surprises for you to use and enjoy along the way. These are surprises though… so that’s all you get to know, for now.



Ready made proof of your skills and ability as a Transformative Nurse Coach, in the form of 10 testimonials from your clients and peer-coaches. This is a must if you are getting ready to start your own practice or take on private clients!



Discounts on all future programs offered by The Nurse Coach Collective, including NC-BC Exam Prep, EntreprenNurse Starter Course, and more! (Coming soon!)

Masterfully designed to help you learn and excel.

What you can expect from the Transformative Nurse Coach Certificate Program

The Fundamentals of Nurse Coaching

Successfully implement the Nurse Coach Professional Practice and Performance Competencies into your present and future nursing practice.

Total Confidence to be Successful

You’ll leave this program understanding exactly how to apply the Nurse Coaching process to facilitate client-directed and lasting transformative lifestyle change.

Experiential Learning and Supervision

By coaching in dynamic one-on-one and group settings, both in person and online, you’ll learn these new modalities in the way we learn best: by doing, not by talking about tons of theory. 

Advanced Nurse Coaching Skills

Mindfulness, lifestyle design theory, integrative perspectives, principle-based modalities, and more. All of which can be directly applied to any clinical setting in which you choose to work. 

Become an Industry Leader

As nurses, we know all to well that “disease prevention” isn’t working. You’ll learn how be an agent of change; to shift the medical model to one of health and wellness promotion

Massive Results

You will learn the skills and mindsets to guide your clients into their highest levels of health and wellbeing, while implementing the same skills into your own life, so that you can live and work at your absolute best. 

What Makes Transformative Nurse Coaching Unique?

Well, our curriculum is based on four principles:


Service means that you offer your curiosity, intuition, and relentless belief in order to support your clients fully. It also means prioritizing your own wellbeing, so that you can do your best work in supporting others towards their greatest wellbeing.


This is the capacity to take challenging, stressful, or negative experiences and move forward in a positive way. Too often, the current medical system views our patients as weak, sick, or needing to be fixed. Resilience emphasizes strength and learning, and helps you to realize your ability to rise above any circumstance.

Holistic Wellness

Health and wellness is about so much more than just diet, exercise, medication management, and freedom from disease.  It’s about family, friends, intimacy, money, spirituality, recreation, nature, fulfilling work and career, service, play, laughter, breathing, movement, food, water, sleep, and everything else.


This is lasting change, whereby you not only modify behaviors but you fundamentally transform how you are being in the world. By empowering your clients, and helping them change from the inside-out, you will support them to achieve lasting health, wellness, happiness and fulfillment.

Are you ready to design a life based on your vision, driven by values, and motivated by purpose?


At The Nurse Coach Collective we believe that this opportunity should be accessible to all nurses. That’s why we pride ourselves in being one of the most affordable Nurse Coach training programs, with no extra or hidden costs, since our In-Person Intensives are included in your enrollment.

Why? Because we want to get these tools and resources into the hands of as many Nurses as we can, and help you ascend to a professional practice and personal wellbeing that makes you love what you do.

Enrollment is on a first come, first serve basis. This is your opportunity to reclaim your nursing practice, and create a life of freedom and wellness, on your terms.

The above two Collectives are sold out. But, we are now accepting applications for our Fall 2018 program. If you’d like to get on the waitlist and ensure your spot…

Frequently Asked Questions

We would love to connect directly and see how we can best support you.

Please browse the FAQs below, and if you feel so inclined, click the button below to schedule a time to speak with
Heather or Peter.

NC - BC Eligibility Requirements
While any registered nurse is welcome and encouraged to sign up for the Transformative Nurse Coach Certificate Program, if you want to sit for the Nurse Coach – Board Certification exam, you need to meet the following requirements:


  • Unrestricted, current U.S. RN license
    Active practice as an RN for a minimum of 2 years full-time or 4,000 hours part-time within the past 5 years
  • A minimum of a Baccalaureate (BS, BA, BSN) degree in Nursing from an accredited academic institution (International candidates must have their Baccalaureate Nursing degree evaluated to determine that their program is equivalent to a US Baccalaureate Nursing degree program.)
  • Completion of a minimum of 60 CNEs, accrued over the past 3 years, that include content consistent with the Nurse Coach Core Values and Nurse Coach Competencies.
  • 60 hours coaching experience that has been mentored and/or supervised by a Certified Nurse Coach Supervisor AND Validation letter from a Certified Nurse Coach.
  • Must agree to the terms contained in the Candidate’s Agreement with AHNCC and complete and sign the Application attesting to agreement.

Source: AHNCC

HWNC - BC Eligibility Requirements
While any registered nurse is welcome and encouraged to sign up for the Transformative Nurse Coach Certificate Program, if you want to sit for the Health and Wellness Nurse Coach – Board Certification exam, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • Unrestricted, current U.S. RN license
    Active practice as an RN for a minimum of 2 years full-time or 4,000 hours part-time within the past 5 years
  • A minimum of a Baccalaureate (BS, BA, BSN) degree in Nursing from an accredited academic institution (International candidates must have their Baccalaureate Nursing degree evaluated to determine that their program is equivalent to a US Baccalaureate Nursing degree program.)
  • Completion of a minimum of 60 CNEs, accrued over the past 3 years, that include content consistent with the Nurse Coach Core Values and Nurse Coach Competencies.
  • 60 hours coaching experience that has been mentored and/or supervised by a Certified Nurse Coach Supervisor AND Validation letter from a Certified Nurse Coach.
  • Must agree to the terms contained in the Candidate’s Agreement with AHNCC and complete and sign the Application attesting to agreement.
  • Hold Holistic Nurse Certification (this is the only difference between NC-BC and HWNC-BC)

Source: AHNCC

What does the price of the course include?
6 months of online learning, support, and supervision

60 Hours of supervised coaching

– 60 Hours of learning and practicing coaching methodologies

– That adds up to a total of 120 CNEs.

– State-of-the-art remote learning, with exclusive access to all online modules, course work, and group video-conferences.

– 3-day In-Person Intensive

– Food and lodging at In-Person Intensive.*

* There are no extra or hidden costs. This means you are only responsible for getting to/from the in-person session (and we always assist with organizing carpools and shuttle arrangements if necessary.)

Will My Hospital/Institution Pay For This Course?
Ideally, yes.

Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that. Most hospitals have an “education allowance” for continuing education and certifications. Many hospitals offer as much as $2,000-$3,000 a year.

Speak with your manager and human resources department to find out if the Transformative Nurse Coach Certificate Program will qualify for this reimbursement.

From our end, we will support you as much as we possibly can with this process by providing you with appropriate descriptions and documentation of the course. We are also willing to speak directly with your department manager, should they request it. Eventually, we believe that this type of training will be covered, no questions asked, because it’s just that valuable.

Can I attend a different in-person intensive than the one that is paired with my start date?

Each start date is paired with a specific in-person intensive which culminates your learning and practical experience. All throughout the online portion of the course, you will be working with your collective, building community, learning, and growing together.

When you come together for the in-person session, it will be something like reuniting with old friends and family. For that reason, we recommend that you choose the start date and in-person location that works best for you.

I have never taken an online course before... Will I be able to figure it out?

We’ve made sure to keep you in mind during every stage of development. If you managed to navigate to this webpage, then you are more than able to navigate the online course.

The beauty of this program is that while we present complex information and knowledge, it is all put together very intuitively. We sought out the support of a special development team to make sure this course would be simple to understand, easy to navigate, and progress seamlessly.

That said, there is always a learning curve any time we learn something new, right? For this reason, about a week before the course starts, you will start getting some information about how to navigate the course site, instructions for how to log-in and create your bio, use the forum, and play the videos.

We’ll even have a practice trial Zoom conference call to make sure everyone is on the same page! And – your instructors are never further than an e-mail away, so if you get stuck at any time, we’ll be here to help you sort it out!

What are in-person intensives like?
Umm… Awesome!

The in-person intensives offer an opportunity to take your Transformative Nurse Coach skills to the next level.

You will have many opportunities to work one-on-one and in group settings to experience coaching from multiple perspectives. You will learn from each other, and grow together.

These experiences are priceless, and we promise that you will remember this intensive experience for a long long time.

On the first day, you will arrive in the evening, check in, enjoy dinner, get settled and acquainted with the grounds, and relax. On day two and three, you will be in the heart of the intensive, fully immersed in Nurse Coaching, in both one-on-one and group settings. The final day will be a half day, although you may not want to leave!

We hand-select idyllic, restorative, and affordable retreat centers for these in-person intensives. The grounds are beautiful, with plenty of walking and hiking trails to explore on your down time.

Accommodations are always comfortable, generally double-triple occupancy style rooms/cabins, with private bathrooms.

Oh, and the food is spot on! We’ve worked closely with the executive chefs to provide three plant-based, nutritious, and healthy meals a day, with endless coffee and tea. Our chefs can accommodate any dietary needs. About a month before the program date, you will be sent a dietary request form so we can start planning accordingly.

If I have special dietary restrictions, will that be a problem at the in-person sessions?

Food restrictions are no problem. We only choose chefs who are able to accommodate virtually any need, within reason. About a month before the program date you will be sent a dietary request form so that we can make sure to have all your needs taken care of.

Why is TNCCP less expensive than other Nurse Coach training programs?
Great question! Well, this is because since day one it has been our mission to make our training affordable and accessible to all nurses. We believe that the world needs more Nurse Coaches, and that more nurses deserve to know about it!

So, this means that we have worked our butts off in order to cut down overhead costs wherever possible. Take this website for example. Beautiful, right? Well, Peter built the entire site himself. In doing so, we were able cut out developer costs, completely.

For the online modules, we recorded and produced the videos ourselves, the photos on the website are our own, and even the music in the intro video was written by Peter.

We’ve gone to great lengths to work with retreat centers that are awesome and reasonably priced, so that we’re all getting the best bang for our buck.

Finally, part of what inspired us to leave our bedside nursing jobs in the first place, is that we wanted to practice in a way that was truly in alignment with our values.  So, to be in integrity with our mission, we aim to offer more value, at a lower price.

Can I sign up with a friend?
Yes, yes and yes! In fact, we absolutely encourage you to sign up for this program with friends and colleagues. Going through this kind of growth and development can be an incredibly powerful experience to have with a friend, partner, or colleague. Not to mention, this increases the likelihood of bringing what you learn back to your personal life and work place.

If you are considering signing up for a program, ask yourself, which nurses do I know who might really love to go through this experience with me?

I signed up with a friend, can we stay in the same room during the in-person intensive?
First of all – fun!  We took our Nurse Coach training program together as well. Having an accountability partner to go through this kind of learning and growth with is invaluable.
Specific room requests will be honored to the best of our ability. Most rooms are assigned as doubles or triples (depending on location and room set-up) but other arrangements can usually be created upon request.

How do I chose which program is right for me?
The Transformative Nurse Coach Certificate Programs are virtually identical, with the exception of the start dates and the physical location where the in-person intensive will be held.

So, chose the date that works best for you! Chose the location that works best for you! (Maybe you live close, so one is more convenient. Or maybe you’re able to take a few extra days to make a vacation out of it!)

Our in-person intensives are held in places that we absolutely love, so truthfully – you can’t go wrong.

Refund and Withdrawal Policy
We go to great lengths to ensure that you are a good fit for the program, and we encourage you to reflect and ensure that this is the right decision for you.

And, we know life happens. Here’s an overview of our refund and withdrawal policy so that we can all be on the same page.

Follow this link for a more detailed description of our terms, conditions, and policies. 

In order to receive a refund of tuition, withdrawal must occur at least 14 days prior the course start date.

Two weeks (or 14 days) prior to the course start date marks the “Refund Deadline” for all courses.

There is a $500 non-refundable deposit for all courses and payment plans, whether or not this falls inside or outside the Refund Deadline.

This $500 non-refundable deposit is required in order to cover processing fees and accommodation reservations made on your behalf.

Learners must provide written notice of withdrawal, to, no later than 11:59 EST of the Refund Deadline.

If The Nurse Coach Collective (“TNCC”) receives your notice of withdrawal after the Refund Deadline, you will incur additional cancellation charges and will not be eligible for a full refund.

If a student changes their course start date, the two week refund period shall run from the start date of the first course they enrolled in, not the start date of the later course they transferred into.

Upon TNCC’s receipt of your notice to withdrawal, you will no longer have access to the Course LC of any other services or benefits available to the students of the course. If welcome package and course materials have been received by the learner, they will be required to return this package to TNCC via a mailing service with tracking.

Withdrawal before Refund Deadline: Learner will receive a full refund of their payments, with the exception of the $500 non-refundable deposit. All future scheduled payments will be cancelled, if applicable.

Withdrawal after Refund Deadline – within 14 days of course start date: Learners who withdraw after the two-week refund period will be responsible for the $500 non-refundable deposit and will also be charged an additional $500 cancellation fee. Otherwise all payments made, and all future scheduled payments will be cancelled, if applicable.

Withdrawal after course has started (up to 7 days): Learners who withdraw after course has been started and withdraw within the first 7 days, will be responsible for 50% of full tuition price. If full payment has already been made, excess of 50% will be refunded.

Withdrawal after course has started (beyond 7 days): Learners who withdraw more than 7 days after the start of the course, will be responsible for 100% course tuition. Learner will not be entitled to a refund of any amount already paid, and will be charged the remainder of any outstanding payments. Any future scheduled payments will not be cancelled.

TNCC reserves the right to discuss extenuating circumstances on a case by case basis.

Technical Requirements

To take any Course by The Nurse Coach Collective, you must have access to:

  • Frequent access to working internet capable of streaming audio, video, downloading documents, and engaging with peers.
  • A working computer, tablet, or smartphone capable of internet connectivity.
  • A basic understanding of how navigate the internet, answer and respond to email, and use basic video conferencing software.
  • Have access to a webcam or telephone device.

The above two Collectives are sold out. But, we are now accepting applications for our Fall 2018 program. If you’d like to get on the waitlist and ensure your spot…

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